FTA offers its members 10% off on GreenRoad

Members of the Freight Transport Association are now eligible to receive 10 per cent off the cost of the GreenRoad driver feedback system, a device that takes telematics-based data recording to the next level in reducing motoring costs for commercial van drivers, it was recently reported.

Designed to control costs by providing real-time feedback to van and truck drivers through a dash-mounted box with green, amber, and red LEDs, GreenRoad differs from the usual ‘black box’ technology that is currently being employed by car and van insurance providers in that it offers an immediate indication to the driver regarding the severity of his or her manoeuvres, such as turning, lane-handling, acceleration, braking, or relative speed.  The data is also gathered and sent to either GreenRoad or an insurer partnered with the company in order to provide long-term records of driver behaviour in order to provide coaching to drivers whilst not behind the wheel

GreenRoad says that typical customers can experience not just the insurance savings and safety increases that a telematics-based system provides, but also as much as a 50 per cent reduction in collision costs and a 10 per cent reduction in emissions and fuel consumption as well, all due to the real-time feedback provided to the driver.  FTA announced its partnership with the firm earlier this year, and has already sponsored a workshop with GreenRoad last month and has plans for another to be held this coming October.

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