Van drivers tire of being stretched to their limits

Van drivers are growing tired of being stretched to their limits when it comes to keeping their vehicles on the road, sources say, and with the average price of petrol increasing higher than 140p a litre (and diesel being even higher), small business owners are having to scramble to keep their vans moving in the face of massive operating cost increases.

Motoring experts say that petrol has gone up in price by almost 8p since the beginning of 2012, and even though the average price is hovering at about 140.2p per litre, this upward trend shows little to no indications that it will slow.  Those who need to purchase diesel fuel are even worse off, as a record high of 146.72p per litre is currently wreaking havoc with anyone with a commercial van that uses the fuel to keep their vehicle running.

The power to choose what we pay for our fuel is largely out of the hands of the average motorist, experts say.  However, you can control other unrelated costs of driving, such as how much you pay for commercial van insurance, in an effort to leave more cash available for other areas of your motoring budget.  An excellent way to save money on van insurance is to use a comparison site to find multiple quotes, as insurers often attempt to remain competitive by offering excellent rates to new customers.

However, industry experts warn that many of these inexpensive policies come with a price.  You need to check carefully that your level of cover is going to be sufficient before taking out a policy from a new insurer experts warn, and many providers will raise customers’ rates by a significant margin upon renewal, which would necessitate once more switching insurers after your initial 12 months of cover.

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