Avoid scrapes in rush hour to keep van insurance down

Rush hour is just one of those aspects of driving that workers have to put up with in over-congested and over-populated cities and, according to a recent report, contributes to a disproportionately high amount of van insurance claims, given the speed, or lack of it, that is inherent with driving in such conditions.

Swinton Commercial have picked up on a report conducted by the Institute of Advanced Motorists that highlights the issue and the contributory factors that could lead van drivers, who are normally alert and responsive to the environment in which they are driving, struggling to find cheap van insurance renewal quotes because they have had an accident that was totally avoidable if they had been paying closer attention to their surrounding environment.

One of the key contributors to rush hour accidents is that van drivers are so familiar with their route that they start to take the drive and the aspects on their way to work for granted. It is almost as if complacency takes over when there is no room in driving for such luxury, no matter how well the route is driven; paying attention and retaining focus at all times is a must if commercial drivers wish to avail themselves of continual cheap van insurance.

Commuters are advised to keep their vehicle well maintained, too, as road rage is another factor prevalent with rush hour incident that can lead to road traffic accidents and loss of no claims bonuses. When getting to work on time is imperative, yet traffic dictates otherwise, even the smallest of vehicle malfunctions can have an adverse effect on the van driver’s mood and temperament.

What IAM recommend is ensuring that vehicles are constantly well maintained and niggles aren’t just ironed out because it’s time for the van’s MOT. Little things like keeping window washer bottles topped up can be the difference between a driver keeping their cool in a situation that could deteriorate in a rush hour environment but would otherwise be passed off without incident.

Aside from IAM’s advice, there are courses available for hazard perception that, as well as helping keep van drivers safe and alert to roadside distractions also help to keep van insurance premiums low. Getting to work can be a chore in itself, but getting there without incident is imperative to your own safety and that of other road users, too.

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