LEZ rolls out in other countries – are we prepared

The London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) had a wonderful effect on December van sales as savyy business men tried to prepare for the worst when the zone kicked in on the 3rd January this year. The adverse affect, though, has been the increase in van exhaust thefts to kit out drivers who’ve not had the cash flow or don’t want to pay out for a new light commercial vehicle, either for the price itself or for sacrificing cheap van insurance in favour of a new policy to suit their new acquirement.

Now that new van registrations have slowed down, will the government put pressure on Norwich and Oxford and give them the green light to launch similar schemes in their cities? There are two foreseeable problems if that happens.

Firstly, one has to ask if businesses outside the capital have the money to invest in new fleets and go shopping around for cheap van insurance to go with them? And with the expected shortfall in quality used vans expected later in 2012, where will businessmen go? Should they just run the gauntlet and hope for the best? Not a good decision, although by actively seeking to convert their vans, will this put the message out to the thieves, highlighting a whole new market to the crooks.

Euro III compliance in, well, Europe

Europe is getting smaller by the week and, especially in the run up to the Olympics this summer, van drivers may be tempted to nip across to the continent to pick up a few extra jobs or for personal use. But what if their journey takes them into some of the cities that already have Low Emission Zones in place. Spain and France are clear of LEZs at the minute, but there are plenty of other countries who have been compliant for a while.

In Germany, the second biggest new van sales country in Europe, many cities are primed and ready to issue their fines. Italy and The Netherlands too have widespread cities that enforce Euro III regulation. Does a driver risk the fine applicable or run with a new van on hire to carry out these specific tasks.

Whichever way you look at it, reducing ones carbon footprint will be a must for all in the near future. The good news is that van insurance companies do offer cash incentives or discounts the greener you vehicle is. Costs may be offset by opting for cheap van insurance quotes by reducing levels of cover and increasing van security.

Don’t forget, if your journey is taking you into Europe, you will need a green card to keep your van on the road if you suffer an account out there. If you’ve not got one embedded in your policy, you need to be getting one from your broker, who will be only too glad to bolt this on to your existing cheap van insurance.

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