Know how to use van insurance comparison sites beforehand

Using comparison websites to find cheap van insurance deals is without a doubt the most effective way to ensure that you have the best deal for the cover you need for your business. However, there are two assumptions there:
1. the customer knows which van insurance is best for their business
2. the customer is familiar with how a van insurance comparison website works

A couple of things to consider when deciding what type of cover you’re looking for are: whether it’s a cheerful cheap van insurance policy if you only travel short distances, not often and is locked up safely overnight or whether your light commercial vehicle takes you up and down the country transporting expensive tools of the trade that you could just not do without and may be prone to spending nights on hotel car parks if a job is far from home with a lengthy duration, even to Europe.

If your van fits into the first category, and you only need cheap van insurance such as a third party fire and theft, there are still things you ought to consider to bring the quote down even further. Extra security features, increased voluntary excess and no claims bonuses to name a few. Don’t think that because you’re opting for the cheapest van insurance policy on the comparison site that you can’t negotiate down further!

Cheap van insurance is no good to you if it does not cover your van’s purpose in business

If your job takes you into the second category, you are travelling more miles and are seen as more ‘at risk’ by a broker than the local van driver. Should this be you, then you really ought to consider hi-tech security, such as immobilisers that work on personal identification to prevent theft, GPS trackers so that in the event that your vehicle’s stolen from unsecured premises it can be easily traced anywhere on UK roads as well as the no claims bonus and voluntary excess.

However, you will need to tag on extra cover, such as a Green Card if your automatic base van insurance policy document doesn’t incorporate EU travel, certainly tool cover or goods in transit and possibly breakdown cover if you do not have this as a separate commodity. And certainly go fully comprehensive if you spend a lot of time travelling as you’re statistically more likely to be involved in a major RTA the further you drive – the simple law of averages works that one out, as well as your van insurance broker.

All these will be extra costs over and above the base cheap van insurance policy, but worth the extra premium should you need to rely on the extra cover in light of a claim, either made by you or against you.

With regards to filling in the online form, the best advice is to gather as much relevant information about your organisation and the way you use your van before you compare van insurance online. You’ll soon get used to the type of question and they’re not there to trip you up, unlike the impression you may get when obtaining a quote from a van insurance company, direct. The whole purpose is to find you the cheapest deal, but still cover you in anticipation for the way you use your van in your day-to-day business activities, and no more.

Try not to adopt the ‘just in case’ methodology. If you don’t currently carry expensive tools or travel to Europe on business, don’t include it in your quote – you can always speak to your broker about getting ancillaries tagged on as and when the occasion arises that you actually need them. Remember, the online form is there to help you save money, not give you the opportunity to spend more than you should.

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