Fleet management award in innovation for Zurich start-up

For businesses that have set up to deliver excellence in product or service, transport is not necessarily an area in which they excel. Rather it is a necessary evil to get their goods in front of the customer. As much as they may not like it, to ignore the costs would be a grave oversight.

Obtaining cheap van insurance, the right vehicle for the job and even adequate drivers can see business owners outside their comfort zone; however, that has been the status quo for some time. That is, since the prominence of the fleet management service that is making great inroads for organisations that are prepared to pay for a specialist service that takes care of that aspect of their business for them.

Zurich Fleet Intelligence is one such firm, and have recently won an award, the Celent Innovation in Service accolade, no less, for their strides made in the sector in the two years since their inauguration. They have taken telematics – a rapidly expanding market in its own rite – and integrated into a product that has the potential to take an average fleet and make it excel, delivering cost savings through improved performance, less wear and tear, better fuel efficiency and improved driver skills. The business owner can then take a summarised report to their broker and demand the cheapest van insurance that their fleet commands as they have the evidence in black and white to justify it.

However, Nick List, proposition manager for the company, insists that cost savings are a bonus and Zurich’s priority is delivering driver safety in a fashion tailored towards their customer base. Speaking after the award, he emphasised that their product development comes through interaction with clients and finding ways to meet their demands through continual improvement.  A sound mission statement if ever there was one.

The system itself is quite natty, and it is obvious, with all the improvements that can be made through on board monitoring, why companies are more likely to avail themselves of cheap van insurance quotes after implementation.

In a similar way that the AA Drivetech helps young drivers and those with high points find cheap van insurance through improved driving in their ‘pay how you drive‘ policy, this easy to implement integrated solution measures, tracks and assesses both the van and the driver’s response behind the wheel.

Through GPS, this information is posted back to a server and displayed on screen and can be saved as a usable file. The gathered information can be used to cut down on fuel consumption via using differing routes and avoiding peak traffic flow and, where driver improvements are needed, arrange any specialist training to bring the whole fleet together to an exemplary standard.

Initial reports have suggested extremely swift ROI, which is one of the reasons the firm has come to prominence in such a short space of time.

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