Are you missing the obvious with your fleet van insurance?

It is a common-held belief that fleet and commercial van insurance is either over-priced or that fleet managers believe there are cheaper van insurance premiums out there that avail themselves to the competition but not them.

There is some merit in that sentiment, especially if you hire fleet management specialists and literally hand all of that type of negotiation to them. There’s an element of trust involved but, by the nature of them dealing with large fleets and all which that entails for their bread and butter, you can expect them to be able to secure the cheapest van insurance for your niche and size of fleet.

However, one of the most basic aspects that inexperienced fleet managers overlook is the devil in the detail. Getting the right cover for your business has as much to do with securing a cheap van insurance quote as any other factor. You may be on the button that your competitor, who is in the same trade, is getting cheaper cover, but have they cut the fat their van insurance, namely the aspects of cover that have little relevance to their operation, whereas you insure everything with a ‘just in case’ mentality, thinking you’re better off for it?

Another aspect could be: how much time do you spend researching your van insurance quotes? Is five minutes once every twelve months enough for you? One call to the existing van insurance broker and then one to one of the big brands and you consider the job done?

It is quite conceivable that your competitor has spent hours researching online, taking the time to compare cheap van insurance between providers on the multiple platforms available. Like everything in the life, reward is only as great as the endeavour to achieve. (This is going into Copyscape, so no one think of copying that line, right!)

And the last aspect, which is obvious when you say it out loud, but what do you do to monitor it: what do your drivers contribute to your rising fleet insurance or what can they do to reduce your fleet van insurance? Constant, incident-free driving is the only way to get your van insurance to a level where you have a history worth taking out additional protected no claims bonus.

Address all of those issues and you may not have the cheapest van insurance in your market sector, but there’ll be few with considerably less.

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