New fleet of Vivaros boldly going into Eastern Europe

Mid-Air Site Services, a company approaching a decade in business next year, are exporting the UK eye for quality and service by taking their plumbing, heating and ventilation expertise to the Polish/Ukraine border. As Europe becomes smaller and Health and Safety Legislation reaches places where once it has been overlooked Stuart Slack, Mid-Air’s managing director, is hoping to expand the family business further onto the Continent than ever before; the Polish contract is only one that could potentially come to fruition from one of many export quotes the company has quoted recently, including Germany, Belgium and Ireland.

In a recent interview, Slack expressed his aims for growth in the future, with the investment in the fleet of Vivaro vans as being a necessary expense with the outlay for the commercial vehicles and the extra van insurance cover for overseas travel, to help continue providing the basics that have seen his company grow from a South Yorkshire plumbing firm to a national contract service in such a short time. Those two strengths he reports as being quality and reliability and they have become the bywords that have seen the small family business serving the local community and hopes that those traits carry the company into Europe.

Repeat business has provided the backbone for the firm, still ran by the father and son team that inaugurated the outfit, and they’re hoping that the step up in grade of van and all of the associations that go along with a shift in focus in any SME will make the transition smooth.

In his interview, Slack referred to these changes in business, citing the new fleet as the key to a dawn in new successes. Acknowledging the investment, not only in the brand new fleet of commercial vehicles themselves but also the extension of the van insurance policies, which will now have to incorporate Green Card cover for European travel, he said that he had to shop around for the best deal for the fleet insurance cover but believes he was able to secure a great deal.

Let’s hope he has his workforce covered, too, as the first contract overseas sees the firm working on a printing plant’s ventilation system fitting and installing equipment to protect the buildings and employees from the many fire hazards associated with the printing industry.

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