Renault invest heavily in after sales and service vans

There is nothing like using the product to promote it, and that’s exactly what’s happened in one outlet of the Renault Trucks UK network. The French company, who have already won accolades for their above-average customer service levels have raised the bar higher as Renault Truck Commercials, the biggest franchise within the Renault Trucks UK supply chain, have invested over a quarter of a million pounds to ensure levels are not only maintained but surpassed in customer service and after sales services.

The fleet of new commercial vehicles, totalling £300,000 all told, comprises the Renault Master van and the Kangoo. The clever bit in this investment is getting the Kangoo out into the hands of customers who may as yet have reservations about electric vehicles. The new fleet will not only be used for their own ferrying to and from breakdown sites and services but will be offered out to customers as sixteen of them are destined to be courtesy vans in the result of a breakdown. Good news for anyone who has not taken this aspect out as an ancillary to their base van insurance policy.

Thirteen Kangoos will be used in this manner with the balance of courtesy vehicles being the Master van. At this moment, it is planned for them to be spread across the Renault Truck Commercial group’s eleven dealerships in Wales and England.

One Kangoo and three Masters will be utilised solely for the delivery of parts, making sure that customers never have to wait long for a component to arrive between services or in case of a breakdown. You will see them coming as all twenty two vehicles are kitted out in the franchise’s stand out branding and logos.

Why Renault has won so many awards for its customer service is summed up perfectly by Christophe Blazere. When it comes to running your business, time off the road means lost profit, whether it’s through stopping you getting to a job or paying out for a breakdown. You can cover the cost of your replacement components with a vehicle breakdown addition to your commercial vehicle cover but lost time is not something that you can peg back, no matter how good your van insurance policy is. Renault, and Christophe, understand this completely which is why it is imperative that they appreciate their customers’ need to “keep their business moving.”

That really is at the heart of Renault Truck Commercial’s drive to be the best network in the UK under the Renault Trucks banner. With 230 staff covering everything from servicing of LCV’s up to parts for 120 ton trucks, there is little they can’t tell you about the French standard bearer’s presence here in the UK.

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