Continental and Renault get Twizy

With Renault forecasting that ten percent of all vehicles on UK roads will be either electric or hybrid powered within five years, they have sought expert knowledge for the new tyres to go on the Renault Twizy when it’s launched next year.

The new tyre indicates a landmark for the electric van revolution; understanding the need for a different design to maximise an electric-powered van’s output, the tyre will, in effect, be a prototype. Although the Twizy itself is an ergonomic two-seater designed to flit about the city, this move will surely have an impact on the Renault ZE commercial range in the very near future.

As we’ve already highlighted here on, the running costs for electric engines are so cheap compared to the liquid-fuelled alternatives, it is perhaps understandable why Renault have sought to invest further in this market. The Twizy can be fully-loaded for £3, which will give you a maximum range of 60 miles – that’s just 5p per mile.

When you couple the fuel efficiency, now looking like an even greater cost-saving option with the advent of the new Conti eContact tyre (which will be available in a winter version next year too, for those countries in the EU where it is compulsory to fit them when hit by inclement weather) with the cheap purchase cost and then throw in the added van insurance savings, their predictions look conservative, if anything.

As and when the range grows and more consumers turn to plug-in power for their commercial vehicles – overall electric vehicle registration estimated to grow from 1.5 million on the road in 2016 to 2.8 million by the time 2020 rolls around – it is hoped that Continental’s investment will spread across other manufacturers of electric domestic vehicles and vans.

Brief overview of the Conti eContant tyre

In order to reduce rolling resistance yet maintain the same payload, the actual tyre is narrower itself, but possesses a larger o/d for this compact, about-town two-seater.

The added fuel saving comes from the tyre’s thinner sidewall which not only enables more miles per single charge but also adds flexibility in manoeuvrability, too.

And to complete the carbon footprint reduction, as well as its zero emission, the new tyres aid with noise reduction making this officially-classed heavy-duty quad silent compared to other models in this category, or indeed anything else on the road.

The quiet electric revolution cometh; are diesel’s days numbered?

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