Avoidable van insurance claims – road rage to blame pt 2

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The key to keeping a clean license is having a clear head on your shoulders at all times. Refrain from flipping other drivers the bird – besides the obvious ill intent, they may be bigger than you when they get out of their car!

When setting out on a potentially long day behind the wheel, remember to double check two things. Firstly, are there going to be any hold-ups along the way which may induce frustration? If so, and if convenient, do your best to circumnavigate them

And secondly, set off in plenty of time to enable enough breaks between stints at the wheel. Tiredness can come quickly, especially on motorways. As well as the possible damage a van driver could do to the van and how it could tarnish a well-protected van insurance no claims bonus, driving whilst struggling to keep your eyes open could have more severe consequences. Fresh, clean air circulated throughout the cab helps, as does breathing deeply. If this does not work immediately, pull off the road and rest until you feel awake enough to retain focus on the road ahead.

Phil Moss was quick to point out the differences between domestic drivers and those who drive commercial vehicles. For van drivers whose primary function is driving, they can spend inordinate amounts of time behind the wheel, having to concentrate 100% of the time. This can become very draining very quickly, if you’re not used to it or you have had a succession of long shifts of heavy driving. This can often be the reason van drivers get so frustrated and why brokers like Swinton see so very many van insurance claims. It is frustrating for the fleet managers, especially as they know that if the right precautions were taken accidents or incidents could have been avoided. In the case of especially long journeys, even if the job calls for the employment of a cabbie’s mate who could share the driving time it may still work out cheaper for you and your broker than a multiple collision claim.

Road rage is a major factor when it comes to hampering finding cheap van insurance quotes; drivers, managers and organisations throughout should not only recognise this but actively do something about it, saving money into the bargain.

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