Drive in Hiring New Delivery Drivers to Cost Company Millions

Can you guess which company it is? The story has been doing the rounds all week.

Okay, fine, we won’t keep you in suspense. Drum roll, please… It’s only everyone’s favourite online supermarket that goes by the name, Ocado. 

Just What Has Ocado Been Up to?

By now, you will have heard about the very serious and warranted fuss that is being made about delivery driver shortages here in the UK. Unless, of course, you live under a rock.

To attract more employees to the company, Ocado have been advertising their delivery driver roles through everyone’s most hated best friend: money. 

Luring them in with higher wages and bonuses, they hope these incentives are enough to fill the delivery driver void.

Why are Ocado Offering Higher Wages to Drivers?

Recently, it was confirmed by the UK government, that HGV tests would be sped up and also made easier. You may have read about it in one of our previous blog posts. 

So, following this news, Ocado hopes their soaring wages will be motivation enough for drivers to want to join them.

At the moment, it is estimated that we are short of around a whopping 90,000 drivers. Eek. Naturally, this has caused disruption to supermarket supply chains, fuel and all sorts of other goods. Are you one of the many thousands who have been affected by the shortages? 

So, What Are Ocado Moaning About?

In paying you lot higher wages and bonuses (as they should), they are estimating it will cost the company an additional £5 million (at least). 

However, we’re hoping this trend of paying our fellow delivery driver higher salaries continues. Especially as Ocado are not the first to brag about this. In fact, John Lewis and Aldi have also recently decided to up their delivery driver wages. Tesco has also jumped on board the bandwagon and are offering decent bonus packages to join them, too. 

Let’s hope these higher paid wages and bonuses are enough to entice delivery drivers back, eh? Where are you all? We miss you. 

For those of you who are still in the profession, or looking to join, it’s a good thing you’ve stumbled upon this blog post. The first thing you need to do is to consider van insurance. There are additional details you need to consider as a delivery driver, too. 

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