Sales of Vans Have Almost Hit Record Levels This Year

Boom, boom, boom, boom! That’s right… Van sales are booming thanks to a rise in home deliveries and the reopening of the economy.

Did online shopping cause this?

In the UK, restrictions are slowly being lifted, which is welcomed by the economy. As Brits slowly start to get back to normal (well, as normal as we can get for now), online shopping still remains at an all-time high. 

Let’s face it, even pre-pandemic, the economy saw a surge in consumers still opting to shop online, simply due to convenience. This meant more and more retailers found themselves in need of vans, as demand for delivery soared.

Why else have businesses had to invest?

Let’s not forget the introduction of many “clean air zones” scattered across cities in the UK. With many of these areas in places that would be busy delivery zones, quite a few businesses have had to invest in cleaner and greener vans. Those vans would be – yep, you guessed it – electric vans, obviously.

What about electric vans?

Of course, the demand for electric vans is only rising and has been for a while. This is due to the aforementioned areas that are “clean air zones”, and also because many retailers and businesses are aiming to be greener anyway. 

With many manufacturers introducing electric vans to their range, and several pledging to only build electric vans in the future, some would say the surge in buying electric vans was inevitable.

How do car sales compare to van sales?

You may be surprised to learn that, unfortunately, when it comes to the sales of cars, the same opportunity to boast can’t quite be applied. With many Brits losing their jobs and being made redundant in the past year and a half, demand for cars has decreased. Not to mention the fact that most people, still in jobs, may be working from home.

Add supply problems to the mix (due to Covid), and it’s no surprise that car sales are struggling forward at a snail’s pace.

What’s your situation?

And finally, how about you? Did you find yourself in need of a new van this year? If so, you may be contributing to a new record! Let us help out with your new purchase by providing you with cheap van insurance

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