The World Opens Up, but What Next?

So, the world is now pretty much out of lockdown and the roads back to pre-corona levels of traffic. And for those of you who are finding life a bit of a struggle financially, don’t spend too much time thinking about your van insurers.

Why do we say that? Well, because the news is that while the UK was locked down, the car and van insurance companies of the UK pocketed a massive £1.3 billion in savings, as a result of fewer vehicles on the road and fewer accidents.

Now, a few of them, such as LV and Admiral have given back a rebate to some, including to van drivers.

But an awful (In fact, all of them with the exception of the two above) have not. That is a lot of our money that they have pocketed, without so much of a “here, have a few quid back, mates, it’s only fair.”

We don’t know what can be done about it, but we’re just annoyed that there seems to be no recourse when so many people are struggling right now and when the regular people have clearly overpaid for services, it’s not right that they don’t get a refund. 

On the flip side though, we are seeing a huge leap in accidents involving van drivers being reported. We aren’t sure if this is largely to do with the fact that there were fewer cars on the road during lockdown, so comparatively the amount of van driver accidents is up, or if it’s more to do with the fact that there have been quieter roads, which have led to more stupid decisions being made.

Well. If nothing else, it probably helps balance out the van insurers not giving any rebates.

We are also still seeing increased pressure in some areas of the UK to make town centres pedestrian or cycle only. An unmitigated disaster for van driver and the businesses they serve. Let’s hope they die a death in the same way social distancing appears to be doing. How is it round by you? Here it’s like COVID never happened. It will be interesting to see if that second wave comes and if it does – then shouldn’t we be thinking of ways for van drivers to protect themselves to be able to carry on? We don’t know what the answers are, but maybe a van driver’s charter is in order….

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