The Rise of White Van Woman

Last week, we reported on how dogs are becoming ever more ubiquitous in the passenger seat of white vans and taking on unpaid labour at the expense of your typical white van man.

If that isn’t bad enough, there’s more doom and gloom for your stereotypical WMV. 

While the reputation of the white van man is well known throughout the UK, it’s a fact that there is another force on the rise in our green and pleasant land.

White Van Woman is here, hear her roar! (Or at least hear her tell you to get your feet off the sodding table).

Back in 2017, a third of all vans were owned by women, but that was just the beginning.

Last year, the number of female van drivers surged by a whopping 52%, meaning that our trusty WMV could soon become an endangered species.

Cheaper van insurance for women

If that wasn’t bad enough, female van drivers pay less for their van insurance than men, sometimes by less than £1,000.

(They’re taking our jobs)!

“What is fuelling the increase in white van women?” I hear you ask.

As well as the obvious, that more women are working in what were historically male dominated industries, such as delivery and construction, more women are choosing to go self-employed, to give themselves the flexibility they need around childcare and emergency manicures (I may have made that last bit up)

What are these women doing with their vans?

Women working in dog walking, care roles and cleaning are increasingly likely to choose a van as their primary mode of transport, as opposed to a more traditional choice of a little Fiat 500 or VW Beetle to get around in.

Not only that, a growing number of women are also choosing vans as their primary mode of transport to suit their home life – for all those surfers, cyclists and dog owners, it seems like a van is the perfect solution. 

Next thing we’ll know, the van makers will be offering added extras of pink fluffy seats or leopard print consoles, with extra space for handbag storage. (We don’t know why we’re continuing with these gender stereotypes – Mrs CVI knows more about football than any of us do and could out-drink any of us here by a long chalk, here at CVI towers).

Whatever the reason, I guess it was realistically only a matter of time. 

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