Summer of No Van Insurance, Drivers Warned

You’ve heard about the summer of rage in regards to van drivers, well, now get ready to hear about the summer of no van insurance.

That’s right. Despite being able to visit a van insurance comparison website to get cheap quotes, it seems there are still van drivers out there who don’t want to do this, and instead, would prefer to drive on the roads without any kind of insurance.

Take a van driver who had been working on his LDV Maxus van and then thought it would be a good idea to go for a test drive at 6am. Nothing wrong there you might be thinking, until it turns out he was driving without any tax or insurance.

He no doubt thought that Police wouldn’t be on the roads at such an early hour, but he was wrong. They patrol the roads 24 hours a day, and with the hi tech scanning equipment they now have installed in every Police car, it really is simple for them to track down the van insurance dodgers.

The punishment for this particular van driver? £400 for no insurance, £100 for no tax, and £50 costs. I’m surprised he didn’t get points on his license as well, although if it’s his first offence then the judge might have been lenient

My advice to anyone thinking about taking to the roads without van insurance, even if it’s only a short test drive at 6am? Visit a van insurance comparison website and get it sorted. You can get a quote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and after filling in a short form you get access to quotes from over 40 companies.

That is what one van driver in Bradford should have done, as Police recently stopped him and took away his blue Ford Transit van for not having any insurance.

The driver will now have to appear in court where a judge will decide his punishment. When you consider he is also a disqualified driver and he was talking on a mobile phone when Police stopped him…something tells me the judge is not going to be lenient on this one. Let’s wait to see what happens.

It really does make you wonder just what is going on here? So far this summer we have had incidents of rage and no van insurance…and some of the reports I’ve been reading suggest the van driving world is getting even wilder.

Take the supermarket delivery driver who was filmed doing a U-turn on the A30. Maybe the driver had just read the recent blog post on this site about how driverless delivery vans are going to be taking van driver jobs, and was in a hurry to get down the local job centre.

In that blog post I mentioned that drivers won’t be losing their jobs for a few years yet, but this particular driver might just find himself out of work if he keeps up with his unique style of driving.

The van driving got even more wild, and terrifying, in a place called Cinderford, where a van driver reversed onto the pavement and directly into a lamppost, making an innocent pedestrian jump out of the way.

I hope this particular van driver had van insurance, because something tells me he is going to need it after the entire incident was caught on CCTV.

The message this Summer is clear if you ask me. Make sure you have van insurance, keep your driving sensible…and don’t get into a rage. Instead, chill out and visit a comparison website.

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