Van Driver Takes on a Lamborghini…And Wins!

Typically you will find van drivers going about their everyday business and obeying the speed limits…not racing a Lamborghini. Well, it happened.

The moment a wannabe Lewis Hamilton (in a van) decided to go up against the £150,000 Lamborghini sports car was actually caught on video by a passer-by with his mobile phone in Altrincham, Manchester.

It appears the transit van went up against the luxury sports car through 3 sets of traffic lights, before finally coming out as victorious. I’m sure this is a video the Lamborghini owner doesn’t want to be seen.

However, it has quickly become a hit on the internet, with thousands of views and hundreds of comments so far about the incident.

What seems to have happened is that at first, the sports car took the lead with an initial burst of power and acceleration you would expect from such a machine.

The traffic lights put a limit on how far the car could go though, which no doubt frustrated the driver because he couldn’t get out of second gear and also got stuck in a bit of traffic.

The van driver had no such problems. He kept his cool and used all of his van drivers knowledge about road driving and dealing with traffic lights to come out as the winner.

So that is 1 – 0 to the van driver, although I don’t think that would be the case if they took to a race track or had a clear stretch of road. I reckon the Lamborghini might just get ahead if they had those kind of conditions.

Let’s just hope that this particular van driver had the appropriate van insurance and that he didn’t break any speed limits or laws of the road.

I’m sure a Police officer wouldn’t be too impressed if he saw a van and Lamborghini racing down the street, even if it was only from traffic light to traffic light without any real dangerous manoeuvrers

For any one thinking about getting into transit van racing just be aware that van insurance companies don’t like this kind of activity either, and if something happens while you are racing then don’t be surprised if you can’t make a claim.

Not only that, but if you decide to install telematics in a bid to get cheaper van insurance, then your driving style will be monitored, and if you come across as a bit of wannabe racing driver in the data, then you could just find yourself with even more expensive insurance.

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