Driving at 31mph Could Mean Very Expensive Van Insurance

As the Police are getting tougher on motorists who speed on the roads, van drivers are being warned about the potential expense of being pulled over.

This comes after reports of a van driver who was stopped by the cops for speeding at 31mph in a 20mph zone, and after a good telling off they decided to slap 6 points onto his license. Not exactly something you want to happen is it, but Police now have orders to be tougher on anyone caught speeding.

If 6 points on your license isn’t enough punishment, van drivers are being made aware of the potential expense it could mean for their wallet…when it comes to van insurance that is.

The amount of points you have on your license is taken into consideration by the van insurance companies when you send in your application, and when they see a recent 6 points, and for speeding as well…then don’t be surprised if you find yourself paying hundreds of pounds more than you expect.

One site even did a calculation on exactly how much 6 points on your license could add to your insurance, and they came up with a number of £328, which on average, could very well be put on to a van insurance quote.

Let’s face it, van insurance is expensive enough right now as it is, do you really want to be paying more? Of course not, and that is why you should always watch your speed and keep it within the limits. Even going a few miles per hour above the speed limit can result in a fine and points. Don’t take the chance.

You might want to consider telematics insurance for your van, where all of the driving data is recorded and then sent off to the insurance company.

If you stay within the speed limits and drive safely, then not only will you keep out of trouble with the law, but your van insurer will also see what a good driver you are and hopefully reward you with a cheaper policy, not a more expensive one.

Another good way to make sure you get cheap van insurance is to visit a comparison website, where in only 3 minutes you can put in some basic details about yourself and your van, and then instantly get access to over 100 quotes.

Also, don’t forget that you can get a quote at anytime even if your renewal date is a few months away.

What a lot of drivers do is to start comparing quotes around 2 months before their renewal comes up, then if they find a really cheap deal they can simply pay a small cancellation fee with their current provider to end the coverage early and begin with the cheap van insurance right away.

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