You Could be Wasting £350 a Year on Van Insurance

Research by a well known insurance comparison website has just gave us some interesting facts, but it doesn’t make good reading for van drivers.

What they have found, is that on average, van drivers who do not switch van insurance companies at renewal time are losing out, at about £350 a year.

Not only that, but even smart van drivers who do shop around…even they usually end up losing money. Do you know why? Because they don’t do it at the optimal time.

During their research, this insurance comparison website found that van drivers who make it their goal to switch insurance companies 4 weeks before their renewal date saved the most money, while those who waited right until the last minute typically paid more on average.

The good news is that the law is on your side, as your van insurance company now has to tell you what your insurance cost was last year when it comes time to renew. They also have to announce that comparing van insurance is a great way to save money.

I’ve been saying this for years of course. It appears that everyone in the government agrees with me and all of those van insurance companies do as well.

Sure, they might not enjoy having to tell van drivers to visit a comparison website like the one you are on right now, but at least they are doing the right thing.

Now that van drivers understand they are wasting £350 a year on insurance, will they actually do anything about it? Unfortunately not it seems, because in the last part of the research it clearly says that despite consumers being more educated about the benefits of comparing insurance and switching companies, most people simply put it off, or forget about it, or leave everything to the last minute.

Hopefully, you are not one of these people, and you are on this van insurance comparison website right now because you want to get the best deal.

That is our number 1 goal, and if you take a few minutes of your time to fill in the simple form, then you will instantly start getting quotes from many different companies.

You can then choose the best deal and switch companies if you need to, and although we can’t guarantee you will save £350, you don’t know exactly how much you could save until you give it a try.

Remember, don’t wait right until your renewal time to start comparing van insurance quotes. The optimal time is 4 weeks before.

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