We Don’t Want Van Drivers say House Builders

New houses are being built around the UK every week and many of them are very nice, but van drivers are not always welcome.

That’s right. If you happen to drive a van, either for your job or business, and are planning to buy one of these new houses, then the message from many house building companies is simple…”we don’t want you.”

This is because they think the sight of vans parked in the area could affect the value of the houses, which ultimately means they lose out on money.

My opinion on this? Who really cares what is parked in other driveways when looking for a house. Is someone not going to buy a house because the person next door has a van parked in the drive? This is all just madness if you ask me.

It’s funny, because if they start to struggle selling the houses then I’m sure they would more than welcome van drivers and their money, but when things are going well it seems they get a bit too choosy.

One van driver who wishes to remain nameless has even had his van banned once he purchased a house. Initially he got two £100 fines for parking it on the street, and now he has to park about a mile away in the town centre, which as you can imagine, is not ideal.

Another van driver has refused to pay tickets issued for his van, and once they tried to ban his van from the new estate he refused again. Currently, he is in dispute with the house building company, so let’s wait to see what happens with that one.

There is also the story of a van driver who saved up a deposit for a £300,000 house in an area he had always wanted to live, only to be then told he couldn’t park his van either in his drive or on the street.

It’s funny because many van drivers are in the building trade, and are the very people that build these houses. Once everything is finished though, they are technically being banned from ever living there, unless they are prepared to park their van somewhere else which just isn’t realistic for most people.

I understand that these house builders wouldn’t want someone parking their vans all over the street, especially if it is 4 or 5, but when you only have 1 or 2 vans and you park them on your own drive, then I don’t really see what the problem is.

This comes at a time of course when van insurance is a major expense, and having to park away from your home would make it even more expensive.

Do you know what? If most house builders don’t want your money then just look elsewhere. There are sure to be some who don’t have a problem with vans. Also, don’t forget to always compare van insurance to get cheaper quotes.

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