Fleet insurance options expand for UK companies

Tired of not being able to find cheap van insurance? New fleet options are coming our way in less time than it takes to spell ‘fleet insurance.’

Boutique insurance provider Origin UW has come through in a major way for anyone who wants to find a better option for their commercial car insurance needs. Last November it began its foray into commercial cover, and now it’s recently announced that its new fleet insurance product, named ‘Motor Fleet,’ will be ready to go in mid- or late March, building on the company’s already established property owners, office, contractors, and combined cover policies.

One of the newest SME underwriting agencies around, Origin UW is an exclusive managing general agent that has full Lloyd’s Coverholder approval. The firm says it has created its products using the latest in cutting-edge technologies in order to provide quick and responsive insurance solutions, especially for small businesses. How this is going to translate into truly excellent fleet insurance is anybody’s guess, of course; and since Origin UW hasn’t actually publicised any additional details on its new Motor Fleet insurance product as yet, your guess is as good as mine as far as what levels of cover are going to be available for SMEs that have a large cadre of cars, lorries or vans to insure.

Still, all things considered it looks like that we’ll be seeing Origin UW’s reveal very shortly. This means we’ll be able to make our own decisions as to whether this new fleet insurance cover is going to be a winner or not. Personally I would love to see a real contender show up on the scene. The commercial vehicle insurance market is not really as robust as it could be, and as a result there’s a bit of stagnation when it comes to finding cheap van insurance or commercial car insurance. New blood could be just what the industry needs to revitalise itself.

Or it could completely fall on its face. I mean I hope not, but it’s always a possibility, and not facing that fact isn’t doing anyone any favours, especially SMEs who need to keep their fleet of vehicles insured safely without going over budget. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and we’ll see the lie of the land when it’s time, shall we?

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