Ice, rain and a torrent of arrests in this week’s van news round-up

First up this week, we’re reporting on something that’s going to happen. According to newsshopper, London is due to suffer torrential rain next week.

The like of the downpour forecast we’ve not seen since a guy named Noah got his three sons to build him a floating menagerie. So if you’re intent on driving around the capital in your four-by-four in the middle of next week (how we’ve evolved since the 2×2 of biblical times), here’s a handy guide on business car manager of how to drive in the rain.

The guide, delivered by the Institute of Advanced Motorist’s Kiran Devgun, is pretty much common sense. It covers what van drivers should be doing:

  • before getting in the vehicle, know what your schedule is; fail to plan, plan to fail;
  • don’t expect, inspect; check your vehicle, especially if you’re taking the reins from a.n.other;
  • sat navs don’t come insight from Michael Fish; plan your route to avoid flooding hazards;
  • I’ve seen the light! Great on the road to Damascus, not so good for dazzling drivers or your own visibility;
  • More haste, less speed – take your time in the rain;
  • Break it down; hammertime; be prepared for a breakdown with the right tools and your AA/Green Flag/RAC membership/phone number in your fully-charged smartphone.

With the guide entitled Wet, Wet, Wet, we’re just hoping that Londoners aren’t literally Holding Back the River come Wednesday evening.

Yorkshire hotspot uncovers a myriad of offences

On Tuesday night, North Yorks police stopped 127 vehicles in a crackdown on motoring offences. The night, dubbed Operation Checkpoint, was full of surprises.

The list of traffic offences for which official reports were issued on the night were:

  • driving without insurance;
  • unroadworthy tyres;
  • driving without MOT;
  • using a mobile phone whilst in control of a vehicle.

They’re your standard fare motoring offences, even if you don’t expect the police to issue a dozen reports in one planned evening of scaled manoeuvres.

But the icing on the cake for the Met was the apprehension and apparent prevention of a crime.

They stopped one van that was filled with specialised equipment. Upon closer inspection, the gear was typically used by burglars.

The two men in the van were arrested and detained in custody by the North Yorkshire constabulary, rounding off a successful night in the fight against motoring crime.

Pensioner sees her world and ice cream van go up in flames

For over thirty years, Italians Carmela and Pietro Barbaro have been selling ice creams from a van on Ilkeston Market. The couple, 69 and 72 respectively, have been in the business for almost 50 years in total and have a second ice cream van in Long Eaton.

On May 21st, Carmela parked up on Bath Street ready for the shift. An onlooker alerted Carmela to smoke, which he could see coming from the engine from across the road.

As she turned to see at what ‘Paul’ was motioning, she saw plumes of smoke filling the van from around the steering wheel.

The market community rushed to help with fire extinguishers and, although Carmela escaped injury, they couldn’t stop the van from going up in flames.

She did the right thing, not thinking to bring out her belongings. The blaze claimed personal belongings, takings, sat nav and her laptop.

The couple are waiting to see what, if any, of those possessions their insurance covers. Reports didn’t say whether the emergency services coned off the area.

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