Cheap van insurance? Not if you live in Birmingham


Birmingham has been declared the worst place to get a good deal on your motor cover, whether it be car insurance or commercial van insurance.

If you think you’ll be able to buck the trend and get cheap van insurance if you live in or near Birmingham city centre, think again – new research has revealed the city is one of the absolute worst spots in the UK when it comes to car accident claims. Things have gotten so bad that the gap between Birmingham and Aberdeen  – the city with the cheapest insurance overall – is more like a yawning gulf; insurance is seven times cheaper in the northern city in comparison, and that’s no laughing matter in the least!

Things are so bad in Birmingham that it’s actually become bizarre and surreal. In fact just this week a news story broke about how police pulled over a very strange car on the M42, right near junction 4, after they saw its rear window was missing. It wasn’t just missing though – it had actually been replaced with a superhero-style cape that had been left to flap heroically in the breeze as the rather ratty-looking Peugeot 106 motored by.

Things got even more strange when the police actually stopped the vehicle, though. It turns out both the driver and the passenger were dressed up in Superman costumes. Yes, the Man of Steel and apparently his stunt double had decided to take a nice drive in a particularly conspicuous vehicle. It turns out that neither of the two blokes had proper insurance for the vehicle, so that was the end of that particular adventure for that pair of jokers.

It may seem like a harmless prank but driving without insurance is one of those things that drives up insurance prices for everyone – especially if these two pillocks would have ended up getting into a road traffic accident. Insurers have to shoulder the cost of uninsured drivers themselves, and that means increased costs for them; the knock-on effect is of course higher premiums for everyone. With Birmingham being the epicentre for this kind of behaviour it’s only natural that the city is the worst place to keep a vehicle when it comes to insurance costs.

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