Does your insurer want nothing but your money?


New evidence is emerging by the moment that every single car insurance and van insurance company out there wants nothing but your money – big surprise.

All right so let’s get right down to it: insurance companies are run for a profit. They provide insurance services to consumers, who then pay for the privilege. Car and van owners gain the security of knowing their vehicle and its contents are insured against damage or theft, and insurers make money off the premiums their customers pay.

But are insurers charging us fairly? It seems not – especially when you take into account that if you live in a particular geographical area such as, oh I don’t know, perhaps an open prison, your rates skyrocket. Think I’m making it up? Well I’m not – it’s exactly what’s happening to the residents of Sudbury, despite the fact that the accident rate in the town isn’t any higher than anywhere else nearby.

Insurers swear up and down that they’re not taking the open prison into account, but I don’t believe them. You’re telling me these poor Brits just naturally pay more than those in the town over, even though accident and crime statistics are virtually identical? Bollocks, I say.

If you need more proof though, I’ve got what you’re looking for. Did you know that loyalty means nothing to the average car or commercial van insurance provider? How can I say that? Well, it’s obvious – every time you renew your insurance for another year, I’ll wager your premium goes up slightly.

New statistics back me up on this one too – an insurance comparison site found that motorists that don’t shop around every year end up overpaying on their insurance by nearly £2 billion altogether! Don’t let these insurers get away with that; make sure you shop around every year and find the best deal for you. I mean there’s operating your business to make a profit and then there’s over-charging your customers on purpose in order to maximise your own gains, and the latter is just plain wrong no matter how you slice it.


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