Do yourself a favour and stay off the roadways!

Some days it just doesn’t seem like it’s safe to get out of bed in the morning, much less go out and take to the nation’s roadways. Today is one of those days.

Why is it so dangerous to go motoring about nowadays? Well apparently because the worst driver in the history of the UK – some magnificent bastard with 45 penalty points on his licence – is being allowed to drive about with relative impunity!

For most normal individuals, we can kiss our ability to drive goodbye if we accrue a measly 12 points, but not so for this Liverpool native. Apparently there’s a loophole where you’re allowed to keep driving if having your licence suspended would subject you to ‘extreme hardship’ or some other bollocks. Well that’s all fair and good but what about the rest of us who have to share the road with this madman? Furthermore, how does this bloke even afford car insurance at this point – and even more to the point, what insurance company is going to offer this madman cover with 45 bloody points on his licence? Did he have to remortgage his house in order to afford a year’s worth of insurance?

But there is one small bright light shining through such a morass of madness this week; in addition to the news of the worst Brit to ever climb behind the wheel comes some indication that insurance fraudsters are beginning to be rooted out by the authorities.

Truth be told, fraud hurts us all, not just car or van insurance companies, as the increased costs that an insurer pays out on fraudulent claims ends up being funneled back to its customers in the form of increased premium prices. However, since it’s in the best interest of insurers to strike back at fraudsters there has been a concerted effort to eradicate insurance scam activity – and one company recently announced that 2013 saw it avoiding having to pay more than £37 million in fraudulent claims.

It’s a good start, and as long as this kind of investigation is kept up I can’t see how we can’t start seeing some cheaper insurance rates sometime soon in the future. Well, cheaper rates for everyone except the lunatic with 45 points on his licence, I’m assuming. I swear how in the world do you get 45 bloody points on your licence?

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