Good luck finding lowered rates even now

Van insurance news roundup: 7 days ending 22 Nov 2013:

So here’s the irony of the century: insurance rates are finally dropping, but if you’re a younger driver you’re still up the creek without a paddle.

It’s bloody frustrating, isn’t it? Heavens forbid you scrimp and save and decide to go into business for yourself as a white van man – you’re going to be hard pressed to not have to pay out through the nose on commercial van insurance. If you were a bit older, it wouldn’t be that much of a problem, but younger Brits are are left absolutely gutted when it was revealed that their older counterparts pay, proportionately, one third of what they end up paying for the same level of cover.

Pretty bad, right? Well don’t worry, it gets worse – much, much worse. Car insurance scammers are targeting younger Brits in droves by tricking them into throwing away their money on what turns out to be fake insurance. In other words, younger Brits are paying way too much for insurance cover and are also shelling out thousands to criminals that are tricking them into doing so.

Welcome to the wonderful world of ghost brokers, those criminals that pretend to be an actual car or van insurance broker in order to defraud innocent customers. Ghost brokers take the cash of their targets and then supply them with forged insurance paperwork, all before melting into the shadows with their ill-gotten gains.

Do you have any idea what happens to you if you’re caught driving without proper cover? It doesn’t matter if you were fooled by a ghost broker and you thought you were just fine – you’re so well buggered that you might as well be living in ancient Greece. It’s even worse if you only found out about this after being involved in an accident, as not only do you have to face the facts that you’re going to be penalised for driving without proper insurance but you’re also going to have no recourse for getting your vehicle repaired without paying out of pocket. Not only that, but if there are any injuries that arose from your accident, you don’t have the security of knowing that your insurer will take care of any compensation there. No sir, you are well and truly screwed, all because of these sneaky little ghost broking bastards.

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