Things are about to get a lot more expensive for van drivers

Van insurance news roundup: 7 days ending 17 July 2013:

I hope you’re prepared for some extra motoring costs coming your way, because the writing on the wall says we’re in for some price increases coming soon!

Driving a van for a living isn’t exactly a stress-free endeavour, you know. You’ve got all sorts of things to worry about, which is why I’m reticent to throw fuel on a fire that’s already burning hot enough to melt steel, but you should know that Norman Baker, the Transport Secretary, more or less admitted that parking fines are likely to increase outside of the capital before too long.

That’s right: the current £70 maximum you have to pay if your van is found parked in the wrong spot could go up by quite a bit. The main idea behind the rate hike is that London’s parking fine cap is somewhere around £130 and essentially the government is sore because it’s missing out on the opportunity to make some more cash on places outside of the capital.

All right, that might be a bit cynical of me to say so, but let’s face the facts: the government is bleeding cash right now and it’s looking for any way to generate revenue that it can right now. So is it any surprise that people like you and me have to pick up the tab?

Speaking of picking up the tab, you’re going to have to make sure you’re not overpaying for commercial van insurance if these new parking fines go into effect, just to make sure you’ve freed up some cash in case you need to suddenly pay off a massive penalty. There’s bad news for you here, too: it turns out that comparison websites are actually one of the worst places to look for a good deal on car or van insurance.

Consumer campaign group Which? conducted a recent survey that discovered that price quotes could differ by £1,500 or even more, depending on the circumstances of the driver. As if we didn’t have enough stress as it is – now we have to make sure we’re not getting taken to the cleaners by the same people who claim that they’re guaranteeing us the best deals!

Please, if you’re looking to renew your insurance policy soon, do yourself a favour and make sure to check not just one or two comparison websites before making a decision. Take your time and really look into as many comparison sites as you can so you can avoid being taken for a ride!


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