Cut your costs however you can – fraud is driving prices up


If you’re looking for cheap van insurance, good luck to you: with fraud running rampant, your best bet to reduce your motoring costs is to find a cheap vehicle!

In fact, there’s been a movement lately in the news towards alerting consumers to ways in which they can save money by not necessarily finding cheaper insurance cover but by finding instead ways to reduce the cost of keeping a vehicle overall such as keeping your tyres inflated to increase your fuel efficiency. Honestly that will work but if you’re really looking to save cash, I think your best bet is to look instead for vehicles that are otherwise cheap to own and operate.

There are plenty of good choices when it comes to commercial vehicles as well as personal cars. With commercial van insurance being so damned expensive, choosing a vehicle such as a Vauxhall Combo Crew or a Fiat Fiorino will result in much less costs while still providing plenty of cargo space; for example the Fiorino has an ultra-low £20 annual road tax thanks to its minuscule CO2 emissions, and while the Vauxhall’s road tax might be much higher the vehicle boasts an incredibly high 58 mpg fuel efficiency, which means you’ll make fewer trips to the garage and feel less pain at the pump!

You really do need to make smart choices like this when it comes to your van, especially because everyone else in the UK seems to be making absolutely horrid ones. Can you believe that a new survey just revealed as many as 60 per cent of the whiplash claims made against insurance companies are made up or completely fraudulent?

Well, it’s true – the study found that if you’re not exaggerating how injured you were in a road traffic accident – especially one where whiplash is being claimed – you’re likely to be making it up altogether. There’s 1,500 or so whiplash claims made every single day in the UK – an eye-watering figure if you ask me – and if more than half of them are even slightly exaggerated, the nation’s insurers are over-paying on their injury claims; this generates shedloads of extra costs that the honest motorist has to end up eating in the form of higher and higher premium prices every year at renewal.

It makes me so cross to think these selfish bastards are ruining it for the rest of us. Yes I understand that the economy is in a shambles, but trying to extort extra cash from an insurer is the farthest thing from a victimless crime when my own premiums keep going up year on year!

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