Ugliest van ever wins BISVA’s Green Van category

Van insurance news roundup: 7 days ending 28 Oct  2012:

What is easily the ugliest single vehicle to ever roll was recently the winner of the British Insurance Vehicle Security Awards’ Green Van category.

The dimunitive little van, a Frankenstein’s monster of a Ford Fiesta with its back seats ripped out and its rear side windows blanked out as well called the Fiesta ECOnetic van, has been a three time winner at BISVA in its category, thanks to its almost nonexistent greenhouse gas emissions. While the car insurance award is undoubtedly prestigious, it certainly doesn’t take aesthetics into account in any way, shape, or form, as the small van is remarkably queer-looking.

However, under that bizarre exterior resides an amazingly efficient diesel engine, as the Fiesta ECOnetic not only gets more than 85mpg but also only emits 87g/km in carbon dioxide emissions. Ford Britain was quite pleased after their ugly yet fuel-efficient little van was praised again, with Anthony Ireson, marketing director for the car manufacturer, commenting that the firm had been overjoyed to learn that their Fiesta Van had once more risen to the top of its class for small vans in regards to green technology.

Mr Ireson added that Ford Britain plans to continue offering technological innovations and new safety features with further iterations of the Fiesta Van in order to continue its past record of excellence. However, no word yet as to whether the manufacturer’s designers will actually design the outside of the vehicle with their eyes open this time.

Some of the ECOnetic’s features that earned it the high praise are Smart Regenerative Charging, auto start-stop, and the advanced diesel powertrain, Produced and developed at Ford’s Diesel Centre in Dagenham, the van also has a lower suspension and low rolling resistance tyres that combine with its diesel engine, a recalibrated 1.6-litre motor, all of which contribute to its high mileage.

So if you have around £10,800 and you’re in need of a fuel efficient van, this may be the vehicle for you, though you might not want to let your mates see you motoring about town in one.

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