Van insurer hunts down the favourite sandwich of drivers

Proving that it might be a bit of a slow news week indeed, one of the leading van insurance brokers in the UK has conducted exhaustive research in order to discover, just in time for British Sandwich Week, that the classic BLT is the favourite sandwich of van drivers everywhere.

With a hunger to get at the bottom of this particular mystery, Swinton, which offers those who need commercial van insurance their services in finding the best insurer for their needs when they’re not plumbing the gastronomical depths of their customers, conducted a highly rigourous and scientific online survey of 1,000 of their customers to get to the truth of the matter.  The Insurance broker found that three out of every ten of their famished respondents had a soft spot in their hearts for the BLT over any other classic sandwich.

The online poll did uncover other shocking information, such as the runner-up with a full 25 per cent of the vote being the classic ham & cheese butty, followed by the coronation chicken sandwich with 1 out of every 5 hungry van drivers selecting it as their favourite.  Alas, the bottom three choices were found to be the otherwise quite satisfying corned beef sandwich with only 12 per cent of the vote, the tuna and sweetcorn (which was only popular with 1 out of every 10 van drivers), and the ultra-unpopular Ploughman’s Lunch, which netted a paltry 3 per cent popularity rating.

Swinton’s commercial vehicle manager, Phil Moss, commented on the research findings, remarking on the excellent opportunity British Sandwich Week is for sandwich lovers to celebrate everything the enjoy about their beloved UK classics. Mr Moss expressed interest to see which of the nation’s classic sandwiches top the charts for van drivers, especially with the BLT emerging as the runaway hit with nearly one out of every three drivers.

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