Van insurance broker sees increase in minivan quotes

One leading van insurance broker has recently said that the number of customers looking for minivan quotes has increased by 9 per cent as an increasing number of van drivers are on the look out for vehicles that will be more fuel efficient than their current vehicles.

Commercial van insurance broker, Swinton Vans, has found a marked increase in activity in the minivan market, thought to be caused by the fuel duty increases scheduled to go into effect this summer as a result of the Government’s budget for 2012.  Rising fuel costs and a lack of cheap insurance has been a one-two punch for many drivers, leading a significant percentage of motorists to look into picking vehicles that are both less expensive to insure and that burn petrol more efficiently.

Minivans have fallen out of popularity since the 1960s, where they enjoyed a brief stint as the vehicle of choice for the Armed Forces, the police, the Post Office, and also small business owners.  However, the minivan may be making a comeback thanks to a strong appearance at last month’s Geneva Motor Show, where BMW’s new Mini Clubvan Concept was showcased.

More and more small businesses are making use of minivans today, with taxi firms, couriers, and home caterers all using the modestly-sized vehicles for urban commercial use.  The average minivan is vastly more fuel efficient than transit vans, with the Mini Clubvan running at an astounding 72.4 miles per gallon, which will be sure to make it an industry favourite when it comes to cutting costs.

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