Tories plan to privatise UK roads will take toll on drivers

With the shadow of fuel duty looming large on the horizon and acknowledging that cheap van insurance is becoming more important to find in the role to cut down on business motoring costs, the addition of more toll roads on UK roads is perhaps the last thing that the country’s van drivers want to hear.

However, it seems that there is no getting away from the fact that the Government, in true Tory fashion, now want to privatise many main roads upon which van drivers rely to deliver product to their customers time and again. Circumnavigation may be a possibility, but that decision will be fraught with its own difficulties, such as longer routes, more man hours and wear and tear, less deliveries possible and tailbacks as other road users try the same tack.

As much as it will be the van driver in the hot seat, as it were, it will be the small business that feels the brunt of the effect in this change. A sole tradesman or -woman can build the charge into their quote or rate, but for small businesses who perhaps supply line-side systems at contracted prices and low profit margins to be competitive in the automotive industry the new toll roads are going to start biting into profit very harshly and very quickly. To have to be on site two or three times a day, sometimes with low-value product that relies on volume to start making money, is going to have repercussions for their business if they don’t increase their prices or on the automotive industry, ironically, if they do.

One of the largest insurance comparison sites in the market, the one that uses meerkats and laptopomibobs in their marketiing, have spoken out against the provisions by the government to start raising money by charging drivers to use certain highways and byways.

David Jackson, who is Director of Insurance Partnerships at the firm, suggested that van drivers and small business owners attempt to offset projected extra expenditure by comparing van insurance policies online. No matter what line of business you’re in or whether you’ll be using the government’s new money-maker or not, getting a cheap van insurance quote wouldn’t hurt.

To start your journey to finding cheaper van insurance that won’t have additional toll-booths along the way, why not compare your van insurance quote online, now; with sixty providers to choose from, we think you should be able to save a packet in minutes?

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