Mini Clubvan should attract cheap van insurance

Do you remember the Mini Clubman? Well, they say you can’t beat the old classics, don’t they, and the motor trade reinvents old concepts like they’re going out of fashion. And Mini are no different, rehashing the Clubman into what has been paraded at the Geneva Motor Show as the Mini Clubvan, and is coming to a showroom near you before the end of the year.

Originally branded as the Cargo at concept stage, it was too tempting, one supposes, to play on the original name and announces Mini’s return to the light commercial vehicle sector, albeit with a little help from the Beamer boys back home in Germany.

With the entire motor trade being dangled by political aspirations and global drives to reduce CO2 emissions whilst improving efficiency overall, the historical economy of the Mini fits right in with the trend of global manufacturers blowing off the design concepts of mini- or city-vans.

Sticking to the small car base model should not only encourage cost-savings on fuel savings but also enable van drivers to secure cheap van insurance, too. In addition, with German engineering and proven technological superiority in many fields, wear and tear should be reduced to a minimum, too.

Although it is aimed at the light commercial vehicle market, there is a very specific niche that this model is envisaged to attract. Mini has worked hard, with its BMW parent, to promote the image of the classic small car. It is hoped that the ‘fun’ element will carry through from the domestic market and hit home with high-end small businesses.

Of those industries, it is expected that crafts such as fashion houses, photographers and art dealers will benefit from the manoeuvrability around town, making collections or deliveries to boutiques and shop fronts on busy high streets or shopping centres, as well as the envisaged savings on fuel and possibly the cheapest van insurance on the market for a commercial vehicle.

In order to increase the accessibility and loading capability using such a small base model, the five door van will be a two-seater with partition grill up front, beyond which is a complete flatbed with simple attachments for fastening loads during transit and 2 x 12v sockets for charging hand tools or, more likely, laptops and tablet devices.

Externally, the panels and paintwork are in the trademark Mini Cooper British Racing Green, perfect for cheap van insurance-friendly logo and livery signage, with the rear door windows almost black with tint to keep out prying eyes.

With any luck, this new Mini Clubvan will help keep your van insurance quotes to an absolute Minimum.

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