Only take out van insurance you need

Taking out new van insurance can be just one of those aspects that the regular tradesman puts up with in any financial year and rushes through it just to get it done. But that could be costing businesses, even small ones with limited fleets.

The reason for this is simple – van insurance basics can be sold as part of a package that include aspects not required by law; for ease, business men and women just accept the van insurance quotes as they come, without checking that all of the items covered are applicable to their modus operandi.

Another temptation for van drivers is to have the cheapest van insurance of all – none! They assume that because their driving skills are superior, they would rather take a risk and run the gauntlet of taking to the roads without even the minimum legal requirement – third party only van insurance – thinking that their driving abilities alone will keep them claim-free.

There are many recorded instances of accidents involving uninsured drivers being involved in accidents. Whether it’s because they’ve accrued many points and the van insurance quotes are excessive or they simply choose not to take out cover, the effect is the same. If they’re involved in an accident, there fault or not, the cost of repair or damage to human life can often be too much for them or their business to bear.

Van insurance is all about striking the right balance – ensuring your van is covered for any eventuality you may encounter during your day to day business but not paying over the odds for components you do not need. If you only use your van for local collections and deliveries, for example, it is worth checking that the van insurance policy does not include an extra cost for a Green Card allowing travel on European roads.

A van driver must be quote brutal when taking out insurance and get into the habit of dropping the ‘just in case’ parts of the policy, without being detrimental to the cover he or she needs, and concentrate on aspects specific to their day to day operation.

This truly is one of the advantages of comparing van insurance quotes online – you literally build up your bespoke cover as you go, deleting characteristics as you go that are not critical. If there is something that is included that you’re not sure of, most online van insurance forms have full descriptions on their site for anything you’re uncertain of.

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