2012 budgets blown on day one on van insurance renewal

The problem that many small businesses and sole traders are going to face next month is, as it’s the start of a new financial year, just how much keeping a commercial vehicle has gone up since this time last year. Many organisations take stock at the end of March and, based on history, plan a budget for the following year. In many instances this is to satisfy the bank manager as much as themselves, but it shouldn’t be.

What small businesses may struggle with this April is sticking to a budget right from the outset when the cost of cheap van insurance has risen so dramatically, given the amount of spurious ‘whiplash’ injuries automotive insurers are having to pay out – irrespective of the fact than van drivers remain amongst the safest on UK roads, they will still bear a brunt of that responsibility on their shoulders. Totally unfair, but c’est la vie, mon ami.

It is therefore highly recommended, before drawing up a finalised budget for the beginning of the imminent tax year, to check exactly how cheap van insurance still is, if at all, compared to last year. The best way to do that is to compare van insurance brokers online before committing to the historic provider. Yes, there may be the incentive of the no claims bonus to take into consideration, but most insurers now are offering discount to new policy holders commensurate to at least part of any no claims that the new customer has accumulated against their previous cheap van insurance policy.

Even if only one van insurance comparison site is checked, the driver has a tool to hammer down price

Even if a commercial vehicle driver chooses to look at only one compare van insurance online site, they have a negotiating tool – providing it is a ‘like’ van insurance quote – to beat their existing broker down with. There is absolutely nothing to lose by at least asking for a discount, especially if there is evidence elsewhere of even cheaper van insurance than the driver is already privvy to.

Given the bleak economic outlook, now might not be the time to think of investing in new equipment. However, there are some elements of van driving that literally pay for themselves, security being one of those aspects.

Absolutely anything a small businessman can do to shore up their light commercial vehicle will be looked upon favourably by the van insurance broker. These desperate times have led to more break-ins in the early part of this year than many that have gone before it. Even deterrents such as steering locks or immobilisers can save money on a van insurance renewal quote, especially if those measures can be backed up with a secure lock-up over night.

It really is nearly that time of the year, again. If you don’t want to be one of those van drivers shocked into a faint next month, do yourself a favour and build the appropriate amount of van cover into your budget by comparing van insurance quotes using our database of over sixty providers, while you’re here.

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