Olympics could open the door with right van insurance

No matter where you are this summer, you’ll do well to avoid traffic jams, tourists used to driving on the right hand side causing mayhem and thousands of potential bumps and scrapes which will threaten many cheap van insurance policies as the Olympics comes to the UK.

With five months left to the opening ceremony, firms in and around stadia all over the UK are starting to panic about the disruption that the thousands of visitors to the games will cause. For those businesses that have little time to devote to differing strategies, it may be advisable for them to consult specialists in software technology to help avoid the busiest routes intended for The Games’ usage in order to at least give their no claims bonuses a fighting chance.

Paragon Software Systems are one such organisation who have had the responsibility from its customer base firmly on its shoulders for some time, especially those companies in and around the capital where there will be a massive focus on transport, both commercial and public, delivering support, athletes and spectators to the various events.

It is imperative that companies like Paragon have had the forethought to prepare this free software that it has given to its existing customer base. Not only to transport people, but there is expected to be a huge increase in demand to keep shops, hotels, pubs and restaurants shelves’ topped up and the logistical nightmare that this type of operation will entail.

There is expected to be a big rush for refrigerated vans; many of the Olympic contracts have been tied up for years, rather than months, to supply consumables to the swell of visitors the capital and other host cities are expected to have to endure. But there will still be other domestic services acting as third party businesses to make the games run smoothly.

This may mean that existing organisations have to adjust their modus operandi for the duration as trying to operate under usual circumstances will be all but impossible, especially those on stadia doorsteps. There will prove to be some opportunities too good to turn down, especially when it comes to food and drink transported in a sound and secure manner to and from the events.

If you fancy the challenge, but are concerned about the expense of van insurance for refrigerated units, check out our online form to see if you can get a cheap van insurance quote to kick start a summer opportunity that could see you winning gold of your own.

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