Downsizing can save on your van insurance quote

For a lot of business owners and tradesmen whose van is just a means to an end, the annual search for cheap van insurance is nothing more than a pain in the ‘arris. However, if you know what you definitely want your van insurance quote to incorporate and what you don’t, you can eliminate the factors included that you don’t need and build in those that you do.

If you have specific needs, by adding them to your base policy you may find that your initial cheap van insurance quote actually increases. However, it is better to pay a little more up front and know that you’re covered for every eventuality that may affect the nature in which you use your van for business than make a claim on a cheap van insurance policy only to find that it was so cheap because it doesn’t cover the aspects that would prove value to your business and livelihood.

A little extra effort in the planning stage will reap dividends when you go online to compare van insurance quotes and make the rewards all the more greater, adding a cushion to the blow of forking out for your policy. In today’s articles, we hope to provide the stuffing for that pillow.

If you have a large van, expect to pay a higher premium than a colleague or competitor who makes do with a smaller commercial vehicle. If the large van is right for your business, do not be tempted to swap it just to save a few pounds here and there on fuel and van insurance – the whole point of having the vehicle is to aid you in your work, not be a hindrance – you almost do not want to recognise that the van is there, just another efficient tool to help you carry out your business to the best of your ability.

If, after thinking about it, a smaller van would suit your purpose, there are some significant cost-savings to be made, as mentioned; it may well be that your business has downsized (whose hasn’t?) or you bought the 3.5 tonner when you first set out in business ‘just in case’, but now you’ve had time to evaluate, you may only need a payload of half a ton with tools and components that don’t need 2m of space. In this case, a panel van may be more than adequate.

See how much downsizing your van would save you on your van insurance quote using our online form.  In the next article, benefits of logos.

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