Insured van services protect against loss during transit

There is a huge perception bestowed upon your company by delivering your packages or products using the correct mode of transport, a recent report suggests. are dedicated to encouraging individuals to stake their claim to forego the 9-5 and get a foothold in this massively expanding opportunity.

With more consumers shopping from the comfort of their own home, willing to pay the relatively small fee to get the product from store to front door, site walks interested individuals through every step of the process, from the initial business plan all the way through to finding the right cover and cheapest van insurance to suit your business.

Sam Knowlton, one of the co-founders of the online company, recently outlined the importance of having a fully-insured, appropriate vehicle to deliver a brand’s product, not just in the retail sector, but in the private sector, too.

Anyone in business has seen the struggling rep who’s either doing a favour for a customer or struggling to get a late delivery or replacement component out of the back of the boot, trying desperately to retain their composure as the package gets the better of them. Little do they realise the damage they could be doing to their company’s image by delivering thus instead of relying on an appropriate courier service who have van insurance to carry such goods, whereas the field agent may not.

Customer services are an unseen cost, with one error on a component, which may only have a relatively small invoice value, costing at least £25.00 to put right if replaced and returned in the appropriate manner, studies have found. Many distribution outlets that have supplied small-value items (where the invoice value is less than the cost of replacing them) are coming around to the idea that it is cheaper to write-off the product than raise replacement delivery paperwork, hold invoices for payment and raise new ones to cover the cost of replacements.

This alone costs companies thousands of pounds every year, as well as leaving the supplier open to exploitation from unscrupulous customers who see the opportunity to get freebies claimed in this manner.

In an addition to Mr Knowlton’s comments, he emphasised the extra security and tracking management that using courier vans that are insured against replacement and loss could have on a business. This fact alone could help cut down on the amount of customer services queries and add value to a company’s monthly bottom line.

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