See and be seen – protect your van insurance this winter

Is it, isn’t it? Will it, won’t it? Every time you look at the sky, it’s white over. Snow has fell, stuck, and been washed away all in twenty-four hours. Nothing like the two-three weeks solid of snow, ice and minus temperatures we had last year. But, being the UK, that could all turn on a sixpence and we could be encamped in two feet of snow overnight. With the first falling shards of this weekend threatening to emulate the blizzard that ran the length of the M6 all of last Saturday, we’re reminded of last winter, that smell on the wind and the bite on the cheek. It’s very real.

It’s one thing protecting your home against the inclement weather, but what have you done to protect your van, your livelihood? It’s okay having the best van insurance on the market to put any mishaps right, but what can you do to protect your no claims bonus, to ensure you’ve still got the cheapest van insurance your driving deserves once the threat of a harsh British winter finally tails off around Easter?

Over the next few articles, we look at how you can protect your van from most eventualities this winter and steps you can take to give you the best chance of keeping warm, should the worst happen and you get stuck behind a snowdrift down some far-off country lane, with only the moon as company.

1. See and be seen – you probably all remember the adverts in the late eighties when cyclists were first advised to wear luminous outer garments when driving at night, yes? Well driving in winter is the same for van drivers. It can turn very dark, very quickly and oncoming drivers need to see you quickly as well as those travelling behind; in order to prevent you rear-ending them and to keep your van insurance premiums down, you need to see them as soon as possible when the ground beneath your tyres is uncertain. Your head- and tail-lights can be the difference between you and an accident when visibility is low during a snowstorm or when sludge cakes your headlights, thrown up from the vehicles in front. If you’ve had a particularly slushy journey or it’s snowed heavily since you parked up, make sure all of your lights are clear of obstruction before setting out again.

Check to see what you’re covered for or any extra winter cover you think you may need on our cheap van insurance form.


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