Driving and Green — No, Not That Green…

Drive it, 420. We’re not actually sure if that makes sense, but that’s what the folks in America have decided. For once, this isn’t a post about electric vans…

So, this week’s news comes from the other side of the pond. Quite a big pond, actually, as this is news from the ol’ U.S. of A. Just as the UK has been experiencing delivery driver shortages here, the same has been happening across the US. 

Now, there’s a number of reasons that have been suggested for the shortage in the UK… We’ve seen stuff about Covid-19 and the ‘Pingdemic’, Brexit, and all sorts of excuses. Our suspicions are that it probably involves many reasons, so we won’t point the blame anywhere specific.

Whilst the US can’t blame Brexit, they are still suffering from delivery problems. And so, they’ve used some initiative. 

In America, some states have legalised cannabis, but not ALL of them. Now, delivery companies are specifically advertising job listings, that stipulate that there is no mandatory drug testing. This is a particular company, by the way. You may have heard of them before… Say, does Amazon ring a bell?

Not only Amazon drivers, but also all the other delivery companies it sub-contracts with. They’re all facing a real dilemma, and not even the munchies can make them feel better or solve the problem (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves).

Apparently, there are many drivers currently employed, or drivers who could be potential employees, who tend to fail the cannabis and THC tests they usually do. Because of this, they’re facing a real shortage, which is now verging on a crisis. So much so, that the job descriptions that are going out have specific detail that claims there is ‘no marijuana testing’ or ‘THC testing’. 

There are many states in the US that have already decriminalised cannabis, and some lobby makers have seized this opportunity to push the agenda further, arguing that if Amazon can ignore marijuana screening, then so can everyone else. 

Whilst van drivers in the UK don’t necessarily need to start worrying about ‘high’ delivery drivers, it is something to consider should cannabis ever be legalised in the UK. We’re pretty certain we Brits would have more common sense than to get behind the wheel whilst under the influence of anything.

Either way, should you need to make a claim against someone else who isn’t quite as law-abiding and has got you in a sticky situation, you’re going to need some good van insurance. It’s a good thing we’ve got you covered with the best and cheapest van insurance quotes around, eh?

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