Thank you, Ford, and Thank you, Turkey

Two things to thank Ford and Turkey (the country, not the animal) for today: first of all, Ford Otosan (a car manufacturing company based in Turkey, that is equally owned by Ford) announced this week that they will be producing the latest versions of Ford Transit vans – this will be including fully electric vans as well. 

Now, we all know the future is green, with many automotive companies already pledging to become fully electric within the next 15+ years. Ford is one of those manufacturers, hoping to become completely green by the year 2030. They are also leaders in the commercial market in Europe and are at the top of the van market in the UK – and have been for a whopping 56 years. So, this is a big deal. We anticipate they may be very successful in selling these Transit vans to delivery or courier companies, who are looking to offset their carbon emissions and do better for the environment. 

Secondly, have you ever heard of Dagenham Engine Plant? Based in the east of London, the British company owned by Ford will be helping out with the aforementioned Transit vans by manufacturing the diesel engines for them (not the electric ones, obviously). With Brexit uncertainty, this is a welcomed piece of news, as it will most certainly be a way of ensuring the 2,000 jobs at the plant remain safe. It’s a good deal: the lovely workers of Ford’s Dagenham branch send their production of diesel engines over to Turkey (Ford Otosan), where they will be equipped to the Transit vans. A good 30% of these vans are then expected to be exported back to Britain.

Bear in mind that a huge 85% of engines belonging to Ford are sent from Britain to 15+ countries across 6 continents. That’s an annual worth of £2.5billion. Thank you, Ford. Thank you, Turkey. This trade deal could do more good yet. Despite the electric pledges, this is an assurance for our UK workers that their jobs will remain safe for now, and for as long as diesel and hybrid cards remain on the market. 

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