Time to ditch the go-faster stripes?

Here at Cheap Van Insurance, we know what it’s like. Van drivers are busy people. You’ve got places to be and people to see and no time for a chat. But if you are one of the many white van people who are tempted to exceed the speed limit from time to time, you may want to think again. 

That’s because the boys in blue are rolling out the speed cam in blue – a new, handheld camera that is capable of catching drivers who are exceeding the speed limit, day and night, from a distance of 750 metres. 

The new, handheld cameras are being rolled out by police forces up and down the country, including by Warwickshire and Northumberland police. Costing around £10,000 per camera, they can automatically identify the make, model and number plate of vehicles from a distance – far greater than was previously possible with other handheld speed guns. 

And don’t think if you haven’t been stopped that you haven’t been caught – these devices automatically send video images to a database and automatically issue a penalty charge – currently a minimum of £100 and three points on your license. Not only that, these cameras are also capable of detecting errant mobile phone users, tailgaters, and non-seatbelt wearers too. The days of pretending it wasn’t you behind the wheel of the company van are well and truly over. 

If that wasn’t enuoght, it can also read rear number plates too and is untraceable to jamming devices that identify fixed speed cameras ahead. So if you are a bit prone to putting your foot down or driving that littler bit too close, beware. Your days without getting caught may just be numbered. 

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