Every Little Helps?

We hate to be harbingers of doom in a gloomy November, with a cold snap on the horizon for all of us, but more bad news this week for many van drivers, thanks to the PM, Boris Johnson, who has announced that he is bringing forward plans to see Britain go all electric with vehicles from 2030.

While this is a blow to motorists, some of the hardest hit maybe you, the humble van drivers of the UK. While electric cars cost a packet, (and many government critics are saying the move to electric vehicles will prevent the poorest people of the UK from being able to afford a car), the case is worse for van drivers, with the cost of a new electric van coming in at around £20k for the most basic models. 

Not to mention, of course, that you have to find somewhere to charge the thing, which is bad news if you live in a flat or somewhere with no off-street parking. (As if worrying about van security isn’t bad enough). And if you’re a delivery driver, there’s the added stress of worrying about electric automated drop-off vans, drones and robots coming to take your jobs. 

While many big businesses with van fleets appear to be in favour of the move, they are of course, failing to consider, you, the little guys, who depend on the fuel efficiency of diesel or the reliability of a petrol van to get you from A to B without needing to stop off and charge up a vehicle you possibly can’t even afford. 

As always, it seems that the little guys are going to be the hardest hit. While we can’t do much more than voice our concern and suggest that the government needs to consider implementing substantial subsidies to help van drivers of the UK make the switch to electric vehicles, we can, as always, ensure you get the best deals on your van insurance. It isn’t much, but it’s something. And right now, as a famous supermarket once said, ‘every little helps.

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